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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> super bowl 47 kicks off tomorrow! our san francisco 49ers face
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off against the baltimore ravens -- the lombardi trophy and bragging rights at stake. coach jim harbaugh and his 49ers were out in the super dome.for one final walk through.this in front just about 16 hours until kick-off. and happening right now at 11 -- celebrities are out and about in the big easy. getting into the super bowl spirit! kron4's j-r stone has been on the red carpet all evening speaking to celebrities who are pumped up about tomorrow's big game! j-r has been hanging out so many big name athletes and entertainers all week. he got a chance to speak to some 49er hall of famers. >> the 49ers are the best team. >> i am thinking of a no holds barred game in. >> you have to get the honesty and love the honesty from joe montana.
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>> it is special for them and it is good to see. >> as for how the others feel? >> i think that this san francisco is the better team. >> i think that the ravens have the edge. it's been by think that san francisco has the edge. if >> andrew luck says that his former coach says his work cut out for him. >> yes so much on his plate i sent him a text but i did not want to bother >> reporter: everybody thinking about colin kaepernick. >> a potential negative offensive play with a pause to give offensive play with his amazing for work. he is an excellent passer. >> i do not want to see something that is too competitive. but i feel like this that it is going to get this set 24-17, 49ers.
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>> as the worldand as the world turns its attention to tomorrows big game. we will finally find out the answer to one of the games biggest questions. which harbaugh will come out on top? here's what brothers jim and john had to say today. our team coverage continues. >> very excited in his enthusiasm on the known to man count. each coaching room is a glow with videos. >> it is going to be 60 minutes of great football with a fundamentally sound football teams playing. there is total focus on this one moment, this one game. if >> three of the most beloved bay area sports figures won't be going into the pro football hall of fame. today the n-f-l made its announcement and once again decided that former niners owner eddie de bartolo, former oakland wide receiver tim brown and former niners player charles haley will have to wait another year.
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kron 4's will tran attended the news conference in new orleans and tells us how the decision was made. >> the announcement was made in this rumor. they started off with 15 names and then attended names. e former. eddie de bartolo and tim brown did not even make the cut but charles haley move on to the next final round. and he did not make the final cut. we will have to wait another year. there were other players that made the connection and will be able to were the iconic jackets. warren sapp and larry allen who played college at the sonoma state that played most of his career with the dallas cowboys. finished his career
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with the san francisco 49ers. that is the latest from new orleans, will tran, kron 4. >> warren sapp and larry allen are not the only new names to be enshrined in the pro football hall of fame today. the list also includes bill parcells. cris carter. and jonathan ogden. also senior selections in fiske robinson. >> chris culliver is still working to clean up his image following some anti gay remarks made earlier this week. kron four's jeff bush explains what the niners defensive back is doing to make amends. >> reporter: fast a week in the spotlight for saying he would not approve of a gay player on the team. the media swarmed him the next day and the cornerback backpeddledsaying he was sorry for what he said. >> chris culliver,san francisco 49ers: that was very ugly comments and that is not what i feel in my heart and hopefully, i can learn and grow from this experience and this situation. >> reporter: that apology was not enough for many in
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the gay community so the team announced that culliver will get sensitivity training from the trevor project which is an orgaization that mans a 24 hour hotline for lgbt youth to call if they are having thoughts of suicide. >> abbie lane,trevor project: we're going to be working on educating chris and his family and friends about the work that we do and the power of words and educating him on the importance of using words and understanding that predjudice and fear and hate that our young lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender youth face, many times on a daily basis. >> reporter: it is unclear how long the culliver's training will last or exactlly when he will go in but trevor project officals say they are happy that he has made the decision to attend their education program. i'm jeff bush in the castro district of san francisco, kron four news. >> lots of clouds but we did
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clear things out. notice that rain out of southern california. that the system is missing us. with high clouds that prevented a low clouds on the surface from burning away today. we did see temperatures cooler. but now those clouds are going to the east and clearing things out. those low clouds for tonight. i think that it will clear quicker with more sunshine, tomorrow. this live look with partly cloudy conditions for tonight. look for low clouds, dense fog but mostly sunny. i will let you know how warm it is going to get. >> the city of san francisco is getting ready to host a post super bowl party. they will not tolerate the destruction this is video from the world series. and also, photos featured with
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but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> gamblers in las vegas and all over the world are sure to be glued to their televisions tomorrow nighjt. and, so will politicians and even zoo keepers. kron four's philiippe djegal gives us a look at some of the bets being made ahead of the super bowl. >> keep in mind. these are all friendly bets. nothing too serious on the line. everyone seems to be having fun with it. but that might change come game time. politicians. restaurants and as you mentioned grant. even zoo's. >> reporter: so, what's on the line. the maryland zoo and the san francisco zoological society putting naming rights on the table. if the 49ers win. the maryland zoo will re- name it's raven exhibit. the san francisco 49ers exhibit. but if the 49ers lose. the san francisco zoo will
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re-name the black rhino exhibit. after the baltimore ravens. the mayors for both respective cities are also weighting in. the wager -- food and service. if the niners don't pull it out. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says she''ll treat mayor ed lee to a plate of blue crab. day with ameri-corp. should the niners win? mayor rawlings-blake will fly to san francisco. >> we have a great jurist waiting for her, and a great-49ers her jersey waiting for her. the sonoma raceway is betting a case of sonoma wine. against the grand prix of baltimore's cookies and crab cakes. two cross country deli's also getting in on the action. the loser to donate 500-
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dollars to a jewish charity in the winning team's city. the c-e-o's of both baltimore and san francisco public television are also putting something on the line. ghiradelli chocolates and sourdough bread for san francisco. crab cakes and cookies for baltimore. it seems everyone has something to win or lose. grant. coming up. we'll show more pictures of 49ers faithful. you've been sending us all week leading up to tomorrow's big game! stay with us we'll be right back!
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>> the city of san francisco is preparing to handle a post-super bowl party. you might remember the damage and destruction some fans caused after the giants won the world series back in october. if the 49ers win tomorrowauthorities will not tolerate that kind of celebration this time around. fans lit bonfires, lit bottles and covered ifs if the niners win the big game. what the city is doing is making sure is that a potential party doesn't become a problem. >> there are always storm to be celebrations. >> i do not want to see a repeat i know of bed is not fair on good morning america 49ers fan but i now want to see what i saw. i am very nervous. i saw cars being smashed. for i faceofffocusing on the mission district area.
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some residents still have big concerns. san francisco police will have twice as many officers out on the streets compared to when the giants won the world series. crews are also clearing the road of trash and litter -- which helped fuel those fires back in october. so, what's on the menu for your super bowl party? pizza is probably a safe bet. kron four's philippe djegal stopped by san francisco pizza parlors. getting prepped for an on- slaught of orders. the kitchen at pizzille di north beach is stocked up. plenty of pizza doe for a normal day. and, then some. in preparation for super bowl sunday. >> "stocked up" the chef's make the pies fresh. and, owner alex awadalla says his staff will being this all day. slamming one pizza after another out of the ovens. in fact. awadalla says sunday may end up being his most profitable day of the year. he's been in business close to five years. and, with this being his first super bowl as an owner. awadalla is bringing in extra staff to help manage
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an expected flood of orders. >> "extra staff" this is one of the delivery bikes used at tony's napoletana down the street. >> "go niners." eric ross says the restaurant will also be one of the busy pizza restaurants in north beach. trying to keep up with demand on sunday. >> "over 1,000 pizzas." >> reporter: in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news. stay with kron4 as we count down to super bowl 47. we'll have live coverage from the super-dome in new orleans. then tomorrow -- right after the super bowl -- special post game coverage -- from 7:00 - 9:00 p-m. in other big stories. police are investigating the death of a teenage girl in fairfiled. she was reported missing thursday in nearby suisun
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city.and was found friday morning. right now. her death is being investigated as a homicide. kron 4's alecia reid has been covering the investigation. there might it is hard, really hard. because me and her sing together and when people sing together we shared our souls. she had a very nice, fun personality and a beautiful blue eyes. >> issue is right there, face down with her legs out this way. it was the most horrible fine and i hope that i would never say that again push you is right to their insurers totally nude. it was the most horrible--- thing... she did not look real. she looked like a manikin. she has been ruled
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out he has been-ruled out-- as a suspect. this says been sending shockwaves. >> he used to catch the bus and head to class with her. and when he heard that it was her, they were in shock. >> reporter: the police are chasing leads, the school will be providing counseling. >> there are cameras all over the city. >> they are still in the early investigation of the city they have been working nonstop since the body was found. at this time in many people have been questioned but no suspects have been identified. in fairfield, alecia reed, kron 4. >> oakland police are
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investigating a deadly shooting near a popular art event. the shooting left one person dead and injured another person. this was just before 11 p-m in the area of 23rd street and telegraph avenue on friday. that's near the oakland art murmur gallery walk. no suspects are in custody. today the white house released a photo of president barack obama firing a rifle. just two days before he heads to minnesota to discuss gun control. this photo was taken on the presidents birthday back on august fourth. and shows him shooting at clay targets on the range at camp david. this all comes as the president and congress continue to debate over gun violence in the wake of the newtown connecticut school shootings. >> here we are on the eve of super bowl sunday. this live look with red and gold i thought this was kind of strange. maybe this is a
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signed all locations are 49 degrees! even the weather is rooting for the 49ers. tomorrow, with low clouds bay-area wide. but they should clear out with a slightly warmer temperatures. mostly sunny skies. of the fog tracker at midnight with clouds to the north bay, the bayside, and we will see low visibility. santa rosa, with one quarter 1 mi. visibility. it could be difficult to see some of the morning. still, clouds but by 10:00 a.m., those would be retreating as we go for the afternoon a. it will be nice for super bowl
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parties. during the halftime, it will be a nice today. temperatures in the 30's in the north bay. . and readings for the afternoon with low 60s really nice in san jose. santa clara, milpitas, redwood city. the warmest place is in line to fairfield, pittsburgh. low mid '60s. and castro valley, 59 degrees. 59 degrees of for 50s and 60s. oakland writer around 60 degrees. your kron 4 7 day around the bay very similar conditions for monday, tuesday. morning clouds as we go for the day on wednesday mostly sunny. with less cloudiness. there will be a weak weather system on thursday. chances
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of storms but not a big storm. just light storm chances with traces at best. that could change. (singing) these are students of mercer high-school. they changed the lyrics to a popular justin beber song... where would like to see your photographs. lead us to the win
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49ers fever seems to have swept through the bay area. even these students at mercy high got in the spirit -- they posted this video on our facebook fan page. the students changed the lyrics to a popular justin beiber song and transformed it into a 49ers win hit! let us see your niner pride! these are some new pictures 49ers fans sent us. two babies wearing 49ers gear and tutus. dad and his little girl in 49ers jersey. two girls in 49ers beanie. we'll continue to show more fan pictures during tomorrow's special you can send your pictures com or send them to our face book page. coming up next. the sharks entered today as the only unbeaten team inbut could the sharks keep it going tonight against the predators? find out next after the break. well, well, well.
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>> after missing two games with an ankle injury warriors point guard stephen curry returned to the court tonight as the warriors hosted the phoenix suns. curry returned with a vengeance scoring 29 points as the warriors beat the suns 113-to-93. all five warriors starters scored double digits as the warriors rolled to their fourth straight victory. now the warriors head on a four game road trip starting with the houston rockets on tuesday night. adrian peterson's nearly record breaking year didn't go unnoticed as he took home the n-f-l's most valuable player award and the offensive player of the year. bruce arians won the 2012 a- p coach of the year for his role with the colts. broncos quarter back peyton manning took home the comeback player of the year award. and texans defensive end j-j watt won the defensive player of the year. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number.

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